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6. Borno, Croce di Salven, Malga Zumella, Borno

Start, as usual, from square of Dassa, and go towards Croce di Salven, taking the provincial road that arrive to the village of Paline.
At the km 4,500, on your right find a wood building with a signal that shows‘ Park of Doline’, take the road near the park, on your right , and start to climb. After few hundred metres, near a bend on the left, follow a dirt road, from here, for the next to 2 km there is a very demanding stretch.
After this short stretch, the road is quite level and at the km 8,700, arrive at the hut Zumella, mt. 1565, from here take the road in front of the hut and just over 4 km return to Borno.
For those who still had some more energies, when arrive at the hut, follow the indications for the shelter S.Fermo, go up, a little pushing the bike and a little taking it on your shoulder, passing first through a wood and then in a meadow, in 20/30 minutes arrive to the hut S.Fermo.
From here, in about 10 km in a downhill road, return to Borno.

Dati tecnici

Path no.: 6
Livello di difficoltà: Medio
Sviluppo: Km 13
Tempo di percorrenza: Ore 1,30