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3. Borno, Lago di Lova, Colle Mignone, Villa di Lozio, Ossimo, Borno.

Start from square of Dassa and take the road on the left of the little church ( via Brennero ). In locality Navertino, at the km 1,500, start the hard climb with slant of 25%. At the km 3 find a fork, follow the indication to Lake of Lova, turn right and after few metres, arrive at the lake. Pass the Bar Chalet Lova and cross the wood bridge, shortly after the road has a fork, take the left way, after few pushes on a pedal, have to continue on foot for some metres.
After the hairpin, can return on saddle and at the km 4,900 you are on Colle Mignone ( mt.1520 ). At this point, there is a real intersection : take the road on your left, that after about 5 km of descent arrive at Villa di Lozio. From here, turn right and take the road that take you first at Ossimo Superiore and then at Borno.

Dati tecnici

Path no.: 3
Livello di difficoltà: Impegnativo
Sviluppo: Km 22
Tempo di percorrenza: Ore 2