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(Italiano) 2. Borno, Croce di Salven, Val Sorda, Plai, Borno

Starting from the square of Dassa, go towards Croce di Salven, after only a couple of miles you arrive at Salven and after passing through the inhabitat zone, at the Km 4,300, in front of park of Doline (on the left ) take the dirt road (via Val Sorda). Walk down the dirt road in completely tranquillity , there is no danger of missing the road because there is only one fork and both ways arrive at the same point. If you take the left road, the path is fairly steep with section alternating with flat contact. If you go straight, the path is more peaceful and flat with a single final tract that goes in a more decisive way. At about Km 8,500 of this path, you arrive at a puddle of water for livestock, overcome it and turn right, cross the meadow and at the beginning of the wood turn right again towards Malga Guccione.
At this point you expect a short walk about 1 Km, 10/15 minutes, little more than a walk in the woods. Arrived on the top, continue few meters down a shattered by the flow path and you find in a beautiful meadow, walk across its length and arrive in an another meadow, is Pratolungo, at the centre of it there is a farmhouse ( now it is a shelter) that take the same name. Cross its length and go down on the ruins of what once was probably a mule track; pass in front of Malga Guccione, coasting Malga Corvino and you arrive in locality Plai.
At this point you can go down to Borno, or if you still have some energies in ‘only’ Km 3,200 and draw with slopes of 23% you can arrive up above the Mount Altissimo via Pian d’Aprile and Malga Pagherola. From Plai, take the comfortable dirt road, go down to Borno via Lazzaretti, take viale pineta and arrive to the square of Dassa ( your start point ).

Dati tecnici

Path no.: 2
Livello di difficoltà: Medio
Sviluppo: Km 16,800
Tempo di percorrenza: Ore 1,30